• 100ml bottle of blessed seed oil

Black Seed Oil (100ml)


Pure cold pressed 100ml Black Seed oil from Nigella sativa seeds in a glass bottle.

With a unique pourer top so no oil runs down the side of the bottle.

100ml bottle of Original Black Seed Oil from The Blessed Seed. 100% pure, cold-pressed, from the finest quality Nigella Sativa seeds.

Typically, our Original oil contains 1.5-1.7% of the volatile oil. Most of the other oils on the market only contain a maximum of 1.2%! The majority of oils in the UK are as low as 0.3% volatile oil.

This Black Seed Oil is recommended for those who are already familiar with the healing properties of nigella sativa and are looking for something a little more powerful than they are used to. It is also the perfect introduction to the natural phenomenon that has been revered for millennia for its restorative nature.

Good for getting better sleep, eliminating allergies, improving skin health, boosting immunity, maintaining better health overall, staying free of disease and so much more.

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